Mike Angley

for Sheriff of El Paso County
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A Principled Conservative

…As a retired air force colonel, mike angley spent 

 25 years running several law enforcement agencies for the Air Force – always with integrity and transparency, always staying on budget, and always defending our Constitution and rule-of-law.

An Experienced Professional

…with over two decades of experience leading successful anti-narcotics, anti-fraud and counterterrorism operations Mike knows what’s needed to capture hardened criminals in El Paso County and bring them to justice.

An incorruptible public servant

…Mike’s law enforcement professionalism, strong character, and conservative principles are the combination we need as Sheriff to crack down on criminals INSIDE government and OUTSIDE on the streets.

Meet Mike
Official photo as OSI Region 8 Commander, 2005

Mike Angley is a retired USAF Colonel. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photograph in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

Mike Angley is a retired Air Force Colonel and a 35-year Executive in Law Enforcement and U.S. Intelligence. He served over 25 years as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Mike was an Air Force Commander and a Special Agent in Charge of five separate law enforcement field offices, culminating with a Region, the largest field structure in OSI. His record of success is solid, and his  leadership credentials are unmatched in this race.

Why I’m running

I want to be YOUR Sheriff, elected by the people of El Paso County and responsible only to you. I served as the Chief Executive Officer of five law enforcement agencies — the functional equivalent of a city Chief of Police or a County Sheriff — each time with tremendous success. I’m ready to do it again a sixth time as your next Sheriff. No one else in this race can match my record of executive experience, leadership, transparency, and success.

My focus will be in three buckets that will include, among many areas:

  1. Public Trust (accountability, transparency, communication)
  2. Professional Development (career progression planning, merit-based promotions, dignity and respect for all, zero tolerance for harassment)
  3. Operations (revamp detentions business model, shore up patrol, improve investigations resolution)

Since I’ve never worked at the EPSO, I am a complete outsider. I am untainted by politics and choose to rise above it. This means I am not beholden to any special interests other than the citizens of this county. It also means I will care for the troops the way only a seasoned law enforcement executive, military commander, and veteran can.

  • No favoritism
  • No vendettas
  • No cronyism

I will unleash everyone’s leadership potential and make the citizens proud to call them our deputies.

‘Now more than ever we need an experienced, independent, and conservative professional from the outside, like me, to give civic control back to the law-abiding citizens we are supposed to be serving.’ 
– Colonel Mike Angley (Ret) U.S. Air force

What others are saying about Mike-

“I’ve known Mike Angley since the 1980s and give him my full endorsement for sheriff of El Paso County.  Mike is a seasoned law enforcement officer who led five field offices, far more than most Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents will in a typical career.  That’s testament to his proven leadership abilities.  The People of El Paso County won’t go wrong with Mike.  You cannot ask for a more honest and battle-tested leader.” David Crawford – Special Agent (Ret) Air Force Office of Special

As a long time friend and professional colleague, I strongly endorse Mike for sheriff of El Paso County. The citizens there can be assured they will get an honest professional who will proudly represent them and the needs of the County. You can’t get a better man!Francis R. Dillon – Brigadier General
(Ret) USAF

I fully endorse Mike Angley to be the next sheriff of El Paso County. He has the leadership skills and integrity that are needed in this position.Tim Williams – Lieutenant (Ret), El
Paso County Sheriff’s Office