Meet Mike

Mike Angley is a retired Air Force Colonel and a 35-year Executive in Law Enforcement and U.S. Intelligence. He served over 25 years as a Senior Supervisory Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Mike was an Air Force Commander and a Special Agent in Charge of five separate law enforcement field offices, culminating with a Region, the largest field structure in OSI. His record of success is solid, and his  leadership credentials are unmatched in this race.

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Return to Greatness

I want to return the El Paso County Sheriff's Office to its once-vaunted greatness as a Triple Crown, Gold Medal standard-holder in all accreditations. Together, with the fine EPSO professionals who serve this community, we can transform it into the premiere law enforcement agency in the State of Colorado, indeed even in the country.

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Mike Angley cannot get elected without your support. Your contribution will fund a robust campaign and help ensure success in both the primary and the general election. Click Here to make a donation.

Want to join our Grassroots effort? We can always use volunteers to Get-Out-The-Vote through phone calls, stuffing envelopes, placing signs and other activities. Contact the campaign at this email address and we'll put you to work!


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Why I'm Running

I want to be YOUR Sheriff, elected by the people of El Paso County and responsible only to you. I served as the Chief Executive Officer of five law enforcement agencies -- the functional equivalent of a city Chief of Police or a County Sheriff -- each time with tremendous success. I'm ready to do it again a sixth time as your next Sheriff. No one else in this race can match my record of executive experience, leadership, transparency, and success.

My focus will be in three buckets that will include, among many areas:

  1. Public Trust (accountability, transparency, communication)
  2. Professional Development (career progression planning, merit-based promotions, dignity and respect for all, zero tolerance for harassment)
  3. Operations (revamp detentions business model, shore up patrol, improve investigations resolution)

Since I've never worked at the EPSO, I am a complete outsider. I am untainted by politics and choose to rise above it. This means I am not beholden to any special interests other than the citizens of this county. It also means I will care for the troops the way only a seasoned law enforcement executive, military commander, and veteran can.

  • No favoritism
  • No vendettas
  • No cronyism

I will unleash everyone's leadership potential and make the citizens proud to call them our deputies.

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Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado

Next Steps...GET INVOLVED!

Mike needs your help to make this a successful election. Please consider making a generous contribution to his campaign by visiting our Get Involved! Page.

(Note: While he appreciates the interest, Mike requests members of the EPSO to NOT donate to his campaign. He wants to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.)

Also, volunteer to work on his campaign at the Grassroots level. We can always use people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and jump in. Contact the campaign and we'll discuss ways you can help out.