We’ve had a couple of questions about how secure our site is for making donations. When you make a donation, you temporarily leave our website and go to PayPal’s secure payment processing site, so your privacy and data security are ensured via PayPal’s excellent encryption.

As an additional layer of protection, our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and certification to provide a secure connection and to reduce the chance of hacking or data compromise. You can be assured of this in two ways. First, our URL begins with ‘https,’ with the ‘s’ designation as a secure site (same as PayPal). Second, at the bottom of each page is a GoDaddy Security Seal. If you click on it, you can view our actual SSL Certificate.

Another reason we provide this added security is for your privacy when making comments. We welcome constructive comments and even encourage them. All comments go to a moderation queue and are reviewed prior to posting. You may use your real name and email address, or use something masked for anonymity, your call. But rest assured, with the SSL encryption, your data is secured either way.

To learn more about how SSL works, here’s a good article: What Is SSL?

Thanks for the interest!