Committee to Elect Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County Colorado Logo David YarbroughIt is with great pleasure that I write this in support of Mike Angley in his bid for Sheriff of El Paso County and why he should be that person. Let me tell you why.

When I first met Mike and his lovely wife Evelyn it was immediately apparent that they are down to earth people. Mike is very clear in what he says and he stands by it. His word is his bond and he is very concrete in that.

When I asked him why he was running I found the answer to be very revealing as to the type of person Mike is.  Mike said he has watched the Sheriff’s office closely over several years and he is concerned over the lack of promises made and not kept. He is very adamant if you promise something that you should deliver it.  He is a strong proponent of transparency and is not happy over the cronyism that has occurred. During our conversation, it was very clear that he is proud of the Deputies who carry out their duties and responsibilities with honor on a daily basis.  He shared a quote with me, he had read somewhere, “Law enforcement is an honorable profession as long as it is done honorably.”

I chose to be his campaign manager because I am impressed with his and Evelyn’s unfailing level of commitment and professionalism which they consistently demonstrate during what can be a very trying and difficult process.  I can personally attest to his ability to lead group initiatives and to set and preserve a tone of cooperation, even when faced with aridity. He recognizes and values cooperative relationships with other law enforcement officers and community members on his campaign and freely shares his knowledge and experience. Not only does he share his experience he asks others and listens. Just by observing him and his responses he truly values their feedback.  Mike is very adept to make both quick and decisive decisions as well as anticipating long term strategic needs not only for the office but for our community as well. His many years of experience is duly noted and key to his/our success.

Mike served in a law enforcement for 25 years. He served as a law enforcement officer in the United States Air Force, retiring in the rank of Colonel. He has lived a life servitude to our Country and wants to do the same for our community of El Paso County where he and his wife of 32 plus years have lived for 12 years. Mike and Evelyn have often commented during this campaign that they are blessed because they have met many wonderful people throughout the community and now call them friends.

There are those who discount his law enforcement experience in the military as not true law enforcement experience. Not only do I find that short sided, I find that to be less than genuine.  If that is the argument it is a pretty weak, disrespectful and a failed attempt to discredit a fellow officer and a decorated veteran.

As a 24-year veteran law enforcement officer and who has worked for 4 Sheriffs I can say without the least mental reservation that Mike Angley not only has what it takes to be a very successful Sheriff if not the most successful Sheriff in El Paso County’s history. He is a leader who has displayed the highest degree of integrity during this process in all that he has done and asks of his team. I have never seen Mike miss an opportunity to lead with his campaign. If you are looking for a progressive person who is able to adapt to rapidly fluctuating priorities and proactively adjust his tasks in order to maintain a high-quality and correct outcome this is the person you want and we need as the next Sheriff of El Paso County.

I am proud to be part of his team and provide my complete support for him as El Paso County’s next Sheriff.

Jeanette Reid
Campaign Manager