This week we’re doing two IIs, one today and one Friday. We won’t always do that, but this week promises to be rewarding on the campaign trail and Mike’s excited to be able to share his insight.

How many times have you said, “I wish I had been a fly on the wall in that meeting?” It’s usually after you hear about a meeting or a conference of some type where something interesting happened, maybe even some sparks flew.

Know what’s better than having been a fly on the wall? It’s having a mole in a room to report on those events. Better still, a mole with a camera or audio device who records the events.

Back in the Cold War days that was hard to do. Recording equipment was big and bulky, and suspicions on the Soviet side meant KGB or GRU officers would check for such devices before allowing people into important meetings. Still, we were creative in those days and managed to pull off some interesting operations.

Today things are different. Everybody has high-speed smart phones that make amazing quality video and crystal-clear audio. Factor in their size and the silent mode they can be operated in, and becoming a fly on a wall is easy to do.

Remember Mitt Romney? When he ran for President in 2012 against Barack Obama he was caught at a private fundraising event on a hidden camera making some comments about Obama voters. This was the infamous ’47 percent’ comments that he never really recovered from.

Here’s a link to that recording: Romney’s 47 Percent

Politicians and spies have much to lose if they get caught on tape throwing tantrums, bullying people, throwing out the F-bomb. One never knows where such recordings may surface. Just ask Governor Romney!