Mike Angley's First Meet and Greet Event El Paso County Sheriff's OfficeMike Angley and his Committee held their first Meet and Greet event at the Pikes Peak Library District, Library 21C on Chapel Hills Drive last night. About 35 people attended from the public, along with several past and current members of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO).

Mike spoke for about 35 minutes, outlining his executive credentials in law enforcement, his extensive leadership experience, his vision for the Sheriff’s Office as well as his goals. He took numerous questions from a very engaged audience.

The Q&A was so intense, the Committee went well beyond the one hour scheduled for the meeting, pushing the library’s patience with a nearly two-hour event in the end.

One question from a precinct leader prompted some lively discussion. She wanted to know why Mike was challenging a popular incumbent for whom she’s unaware of any problems or even discontent within the EPSO.

Mike responded by contrasting himself with the sitting Sheriff, most notably, while Sheriff Elder is in his first and only Chief Executive job in law enforcement (literally learning on-the-job), Mike comes into office with five Chief positions under his belt.

In short, Mike’s resume is stronger by light years and he’s more qualified to be Sheriff than the sitting Sheriff.

He knows how to lead and won’t have to engage in a trial-and-error approach on the job. Not to mention that by being an outsider and refusing donations from EPSO employees, he starts out treating everyone equally and fairly. No favoritism, no vendettas, no cronyism.

Many people in attendance jumped in on the question with their insight from working in EPSO. They expressed frustration with the hostile working climate, the bullying and intimidation they endure, and the broken morale at EPSO. Several members also quoted statistics and facts about retention rates, attrition rates, patrol manning, detention manning and a host of other issues.

When you make someone Chief of a large organization who’s never been in charge of anything before, you get predictable, poor results.

Sadly, that was reflected in what the EPSO personnel at the meeting expressed in their perspectives.

Mike won’t have that problem since he’s a seasoned leader and knows how to take care of the troops, look after their professional development, treat them all fairly and with dignity and respect, and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination.

He also knows how to manage money and programs, assign manpower smartly, and look after the operational mission at the same time.

When you hire a Chief who’s actually done it before, you improve your odds of success. Not only has Mike been a Chief before, he was so successful, Air Force OSI made him a Special Agent in Charge more times than his peers.

All-in-all, the event went well and the Committee racked up several new delegates who will not only attend the caucus next March, they pledged to continue informing family and friends about Mike and his campaign.