Former CIA Officer Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County ColoradoMorten Storm is a dear friend and a former CIA operative from Denmark who spent considerable time working as a double agent against Islamic terrorists around the world. He previously provided me with a video endorsement on 9/11 of this year, which you can see at the link below. This is a follow-up, written endorsement which I am proud to post.

“Your deep knowledge in Counterterrorism and bravery, by not being scared telling the truth. To find leadership with such honest bravery is rare in these day and age! El Paso County, Michael Angley is the right candidate for becoming your next Sheriff.

I’m proud to call Michael Angley my friend.”

Morten Storm

Morten Storm’s Video Endorsement of 9/11/17

If Morten’s name and face are familiar, perhaps it’s because he was a regular terrorism analyst and guest on several Fox News Channel programs, especially Megyn Kelly’s evening show. He’s the author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA by Morten Storm, available on Amazon. I highly recommend you give it a read.