Mike Angley outside the El Paso County Sheriff's Office EPSO leadership federalization gumshoe law enforcement payroll fraudDear Men and Women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office,

I need your help to become your next Sheriff. In reality, this race won’t be decided in the November 2018 general election. It will be over in March 2018 at the County General Assembly. That’s the de facto real election due to Colorado’s caucus system.

Right now, there are only two candidates vying for the job: the sitting Sheriff and me, and we both happen to be Republicans. Without a Democrat challenger, whoever prevails at the March 24th General Assembly as the GOP nominee will be the Sheriff-in-Waiting.

Even if a Democrat were to enter the race late, it’s unlikely that candidate would muster enough votes to be competitive in the November general election.

So, this mean I need delegates. You can make the difference by getting engaged in the political process and becoming one of my delegates in March. The process is not as frightening as it may seem, and we’ve outlined it all in a downloadable Delegate Card.

Some key dates to consider:

  • December 31, 2017: Last date to register as a Republican if you aren’t one already (includes switching party affiliation if need be)
  • March 6, 2018: Caucus night. Attend your precinct caucus and drag every voting-age Republican you can with you! Volunteer to be a delegate at the caucus.
  • March 24, 2018: County General Assembly where you vote for candidates in PRIVATE.

I’m often asked why I will accept your support as delegates but I won’t take your campaign contributions. It’s simple: if you donate to my campaign, I know who you are since we must capture and report that data to the state. If you become an Angley Delegate, you vote in private at the Assembly, so I won’t know for sure if you have supported me or not.

I can be accused of playing favorites if I take campaign cash, but I cannot have the same thing said about me if I never really know if you voted for me. That’s how it should be.

If you want change, and we certainly hear that loud and clear from within EPSO, then you have to make that change happen. For more information on how to be a delegate, visit my Get Involved Page, and be sure to reach out to me and my Committee to let us know of your commitment.

Every delegate counts, and I need to count on you. Together we can do this.

God Bless you all.

Mike Angley