campaign irony Mike Angley outside the El Paso County Sheriff's Office EPSO leadership federalization gumshoe law enforcement payroll fraudDear Men and Women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office,

Consider this message part rumor control and part thinking ahead. On the gossipy end of things, I have heard about the speculation of who my Undersheriff will be, who my Bureau Chiefs might be (if we still use that title), and who may be some new Commanders I install.

I always have to chuckle because I haven’t given it all that much thought yet, nor have I discussed it with my Committee. We don’t talk about it because it is a bit soon and I’m focused on winning at the March County General Assembly first.

I can tell you one thing with certainty: I am wide open to considering all possible options for key staff: from among you, the current force; from a pool of former EPSO employees; and, from total outsiders. No options are off the table.

Having said that, it’s not too early for you to consider your future with EPSO and your leadership possibilities. Once the right time comes along, we’ll start building a transition plan.

We’ve already heard from some of you with rank, and we encourage the rest to reach out to us. You can give me a personal call anytime.

Our transition plan will not only include a reorganization, but the policies, rules and procedures to ensure my administration hits the ground running as effectively as possible on day one. That also incudes having thoroughly considered, interviewed, and vetted the right candidates for key leadership roles.

It’s early, but not so early that you shouldn’t begin giving this some thought. We are not far behind you in this regard.

God Bless you all.

Mike Angley