public corruptionDear Citizens of El Paso County,

When I am your Sheriff, I will go after public corruption, not become part of it. Is there corruption in the county right now? I’m not sure, but I intend to find out. That’s one of the reasons the Office of Sheriff is Constitutionally structured as a check and balance the citizens have against a corrupt government.

As an elected official, the Sheriff is neither hired nor appointed by another elected official. I work for YOU and you alone. I answer only to you. If you have concerns that public officials in the county are breaking the law, personally profiting from their power, raiding the public treasure, or abusing your taxpayer money, then I am there to investigate and root it out.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ fame was a federal law enforcement officer like I was before becoming Sheriff. He made a reputation for himself by ferreting out corruption in his county. I intend to follow his lead when I become Sheriff.

If there’s no corruption to be found, I’ll be happy to report that. But if there is, I’ll be aggressive in my investigation and enforcement of the law. It’s why you hired me in the first place.

I’ve said many times on the campaign trail that I am a ‘Political Outsider, but a Law Enforcement Insider.’ Those words will become even more important when I fiercely pursue public corruption on your behalf.

The political class of El Paso County will have no hand in getting me elected, so they cannot pull my strings after I am elected.

Trust me, the resistance I have felt from the entrenched political class will only get worse as we get closer to the March 2018 caucus and county General Assembly. I expect the pushback to intensify along with the sharp knives of their willing accomplices in the news media.

As you see that take place, understand there’s a reason behind it: fear. If there is corruption in El Paso County, then the benefactors of that corruption will go to great lengths to keep an anti-corruption Sheriff from taking the helm and spoiling the party.

There’s a corollary to be considered as well: look at whom the political class backs up and defends in this race and ask yourselves why. Is it because crime is going down and the Sheriff’s Office is functioning like a Swiss watch with full accreditations?


Draw your own conclusions.

One thing’s for sure, I am not bought and paid for. My integrity is not for sale. It never will be.

If you want to discover what’s really lining the dark underbelly of El Paso County, then elect me. If you want to remove the cancer of any form of corruption that may exist in our county, then make me your next Sheriff. It will never happen if you re-elect the status quo.

God Bless you all and have a Happy New Year.

Mike Angley