We’re pleased to announce that Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate and former United States Congressman, Tom Tancredo, has endorsed Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, CO.

The two candidates appeared at a joint Meet the Candidates event in Colorado Springs the evening of January 9th.  During his speech, Mr. Tancredo publicly announced his endorsement and support for Mike. When he did, Mike stood, approached Mr. Tancredo for a handshake to thank him, and the two gave each other a warm hug.

Mr. Tancredo spoke of his commitment to the Constitution of the United States and to immigration enforcement, two areas for which he and Mike share the same passion. He mentioned that Mike will be a champion for immigration enforcement, particularly by reinvigorating the ‘287(g) program.’

The 287(g) program is named after a section in the Immigration and Nationality Act, and it gives local law enforcement the authority to act with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce immigration law.

In 2015, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder withdrew from the program which had been in place for several years and working well, creating a de facto Sanctuary County. In its place, El Paso County adopted what amounts to a ‘catch and release’ program. Read, ‘Why El Paso County’s Sheriff Doesn’t Plan to Help With Trump’s Immigration Enforcement.’

Mike Angley has pledged to reinstate the program and work with President Donald Trump in his enforcement of immigration law, citing the importance of creating a safe community for county residents. Mike’s priority will be the criminal illegal immigrant element that poses risk to the community or is engaged in criminal enterprise that threatens public safety.

Tom Tancredo lauded his commitment to this effort.