Stop the Harassment and You Stop the Lawsuits. Stop the Lawsuits and You Stop the Abuse of Taxpayer Money. Simple.

If you’re like me, you’re fed up with the seemingly never-ending lawsuits against the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office over a host of issues: alleged workplace retaliation, alleged sexual harassment, and alleged retaliation against the VICTIMS of the above for daring to complain about the abuse, to name a few.

Enough is enough.

Every time one of these lawsuits is ‘settled’ with El Paso County, YOU and I pay the bill. The perpetrators of the offense are not held fiscally responsible. Don’t forget the lawyers’ fees and court costs that also come out of YOUR pocket.

That’s an outrage. Not only does this practice fail to hold the guilty accountable, it encourages future misconduct. It also discourages victims from speaking up if they feel they fear revenge for having the courage to complain.

Incumbent Sheriff Ordered to Trial

Recently, the incumbent Sheriff was ordered by a federal District Court to appear at trial in April 2018 to answer a complaint alleging sexual harassment and retaliation. The Sheriff himself is a named defendant in the civil suit, along with the Sheriff’s Office itself.

Read the Court Order Here

Lately the #MeToo movement has shined a light upon this sort of alleged behavior, exposing it for its sick and predatory nature, and rightly so. The complaint in this case is sordid and disgusting, and is everything the #MeToo movement is trying to stop.

Read the Complaint Here (warning: graphic description)

One would hope that a U.S. District Court in Denver is removed enough in distance and politics to ensure a full and fair trial and proper justice. We’ll find out in late April.

It’s certainly NOT the first time this sort of alleged misconduct has happened: ‘El Paso County Paying $68,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Complaint

There is a solution…

I Will NOT Tolerate this Nonsense

Here’s how I will differ from the status quo at EPSO when I become Sheriff:

  • Day 1: zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment begins
  • I have a 35-year history of zero-tolerance to back up my position, and I have dealt with harassment by subordinates and taken action
  • As an outsider to EPSO, I am not caught up in the cycle of cronyism that allows the guilty to go unpunished
  • I will do a thorough review of all past cases of harassment, and if justice was not served, it will be under me
  • I will appoint an Ombudsman to guide me and serve as a neutral advisor on harassment cases and action
  • I will ask the El Paso County Board of Commissioners to STOP the taxpayer settlement payments and hold those found culpable financially responsible to their victims.

Make the perpetrators pay their victims out of their OWN pockets, NOT the taxpayers.

Bottom Line

We owe the victims of sexual and other forms of harassment nothing less that a full, fair, and impartial rendering of facts when it comes to their complaints. They deserve that instead of being re-victimized for having the courage to speak up. We also owe the taxpayers a break from the constant abuse of their money.

If you want to break the cycle of cronyism that has fomented this frat boy mentality and predatory environment, then you must elect an outsider. I am the only candidate in this race who has no fingerprints on the culture that feeds this, and I will come in to shake it up, hold people accountable, and make the working environment one of dignity and respect for everyone who serves there.

Support me in March. Attend your precinct caucus on March 6th and become a delegate for me. Go on to the county general assembly on March 24th and cast a vote for a new future for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. To learn more, visit my Delegate Corner.

Thank you.

Mike Angley