Dear Men and Women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office,

I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating and reinforcement here. I will always have your backs. Every time I commanded a law enforcement unit, I followed a simple rule:

When you do something well, you get the credit. If you screw up something, I take the heat.

I don’t throw people under the bus, nor do I seek public opinion to determine my course of action. Frankly, any leader that gauges public sentiment before making decisions isn’t a leader but instead is a political coward.

That’s one advantage I have not only as an experienced military leader, but as a political outsider. I am not the least bit interested in what the political class thinks of how I lead. I lead by instinct guided by decades of actual experience, not by political calculus. I have zero political ambitions, so you need not worry about me primping myself in the public eye for political points. Ours is a sobering, serious business, and you need a real leader at the helm.

You can ask the folks on my committee. Some of them have been attacked by people who want to see me fail in this race. Some have had their characters assailed; some have had veiled threats come their way. Some have had rumors about them reach my attention, all in an effort to get me to cut them loose.

In every case I have reassured them of my steady commitment, a pledge of support as strong as the commitment they have to me. I haven’t thrown anyone on my team under the bus because it’s not something I do.

I believe in using words like, ‘we,’ ‘us,’ and ‘our,’ when talking about you and our team. When you ‘dun good,’ I will praise you in public. If you mess something up, I take action in private.

That action will always be fair, impartial, just, and appropriate. I believe punishment should be designed to rehabilitate and enable folks to grow as leaders, not to destroy careers for spite.

If an incident happens and the public clamors for a scalp, they can have mine instead of yours. In short, I will always have your six. It’s one of the best ways to foster a climate of mutual dignity and respect that each one of us must have for each other.

Honor. Integrity. Respect. Team. Family.

I am excited about OUR future.

God Bless you all.

Mike Angley