Dear Citizens of El Paso County,

After all the millions of dollars you’ve generously given to the county, do you have full accountability and transparency over where it’s gone? The Public Safety Tax is especially important since it was designed to increase manning in the county jail and Sheriff’s patrols to ensure YOUR safety. Can you account for it?

We’ve written about this extensively. See: Public Safety Tax Irregularities.

If the money is being spent properly, then you should have more deputies on patrol today than there were before the PST tax started to be collected, right? We’d have full manning, if not additional deputies on patrol, right?

Unfortunately, it’s the opposite. There are fewer deputies on patrol today than there were before the tax was collected. Does this strike confidence in you that your tax dollars are being managed properly?

One of the greatest mysteries my campaign has yet to solve is why there are fewer deputies on patrol today WITH PST money than there were on the street BEFORE the tax.

Take a look at this chart:

Patrol Manning











You should be outraged over the lack of transparency and accountability. You should be more outraged that public safety is not guaranteed. Not only is the drop in patrol manning a public security issue, it’s an officer safety peril.

Fewer deputies on patrol means response times are slower and deputies are less able to back each other up effectively. This increases their safety risk as well as yours.

I won’t let that happen. On my watch, we will put deputies back on patrol at proper manning levels. I’ll account for every penny of your tax dollars. I’ll conduct an audit of all budget items and tell you what I find. I’ll post budget information in real-time to the public website.

The sitting Sheriff fully intends to ask you to extend the PST money when it sunsets in 2020. He brags about it on his reelection website. I want to find ways of avoiding another tax increase by honest management of what we have. If you don’t feel the Sheriff’s Office has been a good steward of your money so far, why would you entrust it with more?

I’ve had enough of the smoke and mirrors, the shell game with your money, and the false sense of public safety of this failed administration. It’s time for change. It’s time for proven leadership. The experiment in on-the-job-leadership training is over. It’s time to bring in a seasoned team and an experienced leader from the outside.

I will stop the game playing with your trust and the nonsense with your money. The time to act is NOW. Go to your precinct on caucus night, March 6th and bring every registered Republican friend, family member, and neighbor with you. Become a delegate  for me and attend the General Assembly on March 24th.

If you are not a current member of EPSO, I will also gladly take your donation. Unlike the incumbent, I don’t think it’s ethical for a Sheriff – present or future – to take campaign cash from employees.

Every delegate counts and I need to count on you. Together we can do this!

Mike Angley