Dear Citizens of El Paso County,

My family and I settled down in El Paso County nearly 13 years ago, and we’ve made it our home. We would have come here sooner but were unable to for a reason I hope you will find acceptable.

You see, I was busy serving and defending our country. I did so for 25 years across 12 assignments that took my family around the world several times.

More importantly, I spent that quarter-century of military service as a law enforcement professional. That accorded me the opportunity to work with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across this country and dozens and dozens of law enforcement agencies in foreign countries.

This provided me with a rich and diverse world-wide view. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work on numerous complex police operations that oftentimes involved multiple agencies. Many times, such operations spanned several countries.

I was exposed to a wide variety of customs and cultures, and I don’t mean of just the indigenous people. I learned about a wide array of law enforcement customs and cultures. I saw how various agencies approach problems and issues, how they think, assess things, and how they solve problems. Sometimes the solutions I saw senior law enforcement officials employ were so innovative, that I never would have considered them before.

By being willing to venture away from my home town, I avoided a narrow world view and tunnel vision about law enforcement. I never became wedded to one agency, one culture, one old-fashioned way of doing things.

As a result, I grew. I grew not only as a law enforcement officer, but I matured as a leader as well. In the end, I became one of the senior most law enforcement executives in the entire Department of Defense worldwide.

In a community like ours with numerous military installations and tens of thousands of veterans, having a Sheriff who spent a career in the Air Force and is a veteran himself is an advantage not to be dismissed. I can connect with and relate to those communities like no one else in this race can.

I am completely outside the business-as-usual mentality that a ‘home town’ Sheriff would guarantee to continue. In fact, I will always be above it. I have no connections to the Sheriff’s office which means I cannot be a part of the decayed culture that has fostered rampant, morale-crushing cronyism.

What you will get in me as your next Sheriff is someone who can see every process from a fresh set of eyes and with perspective that only a broad world view can offer. As a proven leader, many times over, EPSO will get a fair-minded Sheriff who can inspire, motivate, and foster a climate of dignity and respect among the troops.

You stand on the precipice of change. You can vote to continue the same culture of familiarity that breeds contempt and cronyism. If that’s what you want, then reelect the incumbent, the ‘home town Sheriff’ whose vision and breadth of experience doesn’t extend beyond the walls of one agency.

Or, you can vote to elect the fresh, new leader with polished, professional credentials and experience in the world that are unmatched in this race. Stand with me and take a chance on a proven Chief Executive and veteran, one who has led to success every law enforcement agency I’ve been given charge over.

Stand with me and we can make the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office the premiere law enforcement agency in Colorado, if not the entire country.

The power to make this change lies in your hands. The time to make that change is now.

God Bless you all.

Mike Angley