(Mike’s Note: Andy Ceroni is an El Paso County, CO resident, a friend, fellow writer, colleague, and a mentor to me. We worked together at the Pentagon in the mid-90s, and in the late 90s I followed and replaced him at United States Strategic Command as the Chief of Counterintelligence).

“Mike, I’ve known you for a while… the young Captain-Major I knew went on to accept bigger and bigger challenges and succeeded. In OSI, it really doesn’t get any better than full Colonel, Senior Supervisory Special Agent. Not many in the command, and you achieved it. So, now you are presented with another challenge. When I was at Air Command & Staff College and we were writing the first paper on well-known military leaders, I shocked my section by not reporting on an Air Force leader but reporting on Fleet Admiral (5 Star) William F. “Bull” Halsey, Jr. I loved one of his quotes and believed in its message.

‘There are no great men, there are only great challenges which ordinary men must rise to meet.’

I would only add to this quote, that in meeting truly great challenges, some ordinary men do become great. I think you’re pretty much there, Mike. And now, we all want to see you go further.

God Bless, Andy”

Andrew Ceroni, Colonel, USAF (ret)
Senior Supervisory Special Agent, Office of Special Investigations (ret)