Evelyn and I attended the monthly meeting of the Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum along with my Campaign Manager Jeanette Reid and Committee Member Steve Hrabik. I had been invited to participate in a Candidates Forum which was actually a chance for candidates to give a three-minute presentation.

I must note that the incumbent Sheriff was also invited, but he declined the offer. We don’t know if he had other business or if this was yet another forum/debate dodge.

The event was held at the Mt Carmel Veteran Services Center in Colorado Springs, which I really enjoyed. As a veteran I love operations like this  that help the tens of thousands of vets in our community. I’ll post separately about the Center because we received a tour following the Republican Forum.

At the Forum were Jeff Hays, Colorado State Republican Party Chairman, and Chuck Broerman, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder. Mr. Broerman spoke about a new initiative to encourage unaffiliated voters to decide before the June 26th Primary which party they will cast votes for. This is to help cut down on county costs associated with mailing two primary ballots (only one can be counted).

It’s called UChooseCO and information, as well as sign-up details, can be found on the Colorado Secretary of State web-page. Evelyn took the opportunity to posein front of the giant yellow ‘U’ logo for the campaign.