This afternoon Evelyn and I attended the monthly meeting of the Cheyenne Mountain Republican Forum that was held at the Mt Carmel Veterans Service Center in Colorado Springs. Following the forum, we received a guided tour of the Center by one of the staff.

I can best describe my reaction to the VSC in two words: blown away!

It’s a relatively new facility (about three years old), but it does amazing work to help our huge veteran community (some estimates put the vet population here between 40K to 70K). Here’s only a partial list of what the VSC offers:

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness
  • Educational Services
  • Career and Transition Services
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Supportive Services and Resources
  • Veteran Benefits Services

In addition to these organic services, the VSC partners with over 40 other organizations from government, education, social services, and the military.

The facility is fairly large and very modern, and even has a chapel on the second floor that faces the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak.

I cannot rave enough about the VSC, and Evelyn and I will be getting more engaged in what they do and offering our help wherever we can. Our veterans deserve the BEST and Mount Carmel delivers exceptional support.