Watch My Interview on Newschannel 13, KRDO

Watch My Interview on Newschannel 13, KRDO

I interviewed with Colorado Springs ABC-affiliate station, KRDO, Newschannel 13 back on April 26th. They did a story about the upcoming Sheriff’s race, interviewing each of the three candidates.

I am vying for the Republican nomination, taking on the incumbent Sheriff who, despite a record of leaning left, is running as a Republican. The other candidate is from the Democrat Party.

The interview took place in my home office and went for over an hour, only to be digested down to about 30 seconds.

Although the reporter asked me about the Sheriff’s recent alleged appalling statements, referring to Disabled American Veterans as ‘f-ing cripples,’ my comments did not make it to air.

I shared with her how reprehensible such comments are, and that no public official – least of whom the Sheriff – should ever disparage those who were injured while serving our country.

Take a look, below:

Mike Angley’s Interview on KRDO Newschannel 13, 4-26-2018

4 Replies to “Watch My Interview on Newschannel 13, KRDO”

  1. It is now the “norm” for leftist news organizations to report weak news. Where the hell is Fox 21???? I’m beginning to think they are not any better. Keep it going Mike!!

  2. Interesting…the Democrat is the ONLY one who made STAFFING a focal point of her campaign in that piece…none of what you or Elder wants to do will remotely be possible without exponential increases in STAFFING.

    1. My interview went for over an hour, of which you saw 25 seconds. I’ve addressed staffing ad infinitum on this website and in every Town Hall I’ve conducted, along with dozens of other appearances and venues.


      Mike Angley

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