Taking a slight deviation from today’s usual Intelligence Insight of the week. I have often said that had Twitter been around when Ben Franklin walked the streets of Philadelphia, he’d have been one of its most prolific users.

After all, old Ben mastered the art of the written word. He captured some of the most memorable sayings in short-cropped, succinct language, most times 140 characters or less.

Like this gem.

It reminds me of the incumbent Sheriff of El Paso County. When he allegedly uttered his nasty comments about Disabled American Veterans – calling them ‘f-ing cripples’ – he spoke with anger.

Will it lead to his shame?

Only time will tell if the citizens of El Paso County hold him accountable on Primary Day, June 26th.

If he wishes to defend himself, then I will gladly meet him on a debate stage. He’s had NINE offers before this one – the TENTH – and while I’ve accepted all nine, he’s rejected each one.

Maybe he ought to face the citizens of El Paso County and make his case for why he deserves a second term wearing the People’s Badge. I’m prepared to show why he does not.