I’ve laid off the subject of the incumbent Sheriff’s abysmal record on illegal immigration because I’ve been focused on voter intimidation at the County General Assembly. That, and the Sheriff’s alleged comments mocking Disabled American Veterans.

But I haven’t forgotten it.

The pesky thing about records is…well…they are ‘recorded’ in one fashion or another. That could be why the Sheriff refuses to debate me (TEN offers on the table so far, all of which he’s rejected). He doesn’t want his embarrassing record on full public display.

As a recap, in May 2015, the incumbent Sheriff — keeping with the Democrat Party and Barack Obama’s playbook — terminated the effective 287 (G) joint enforcement program with ICE. When he did, he signaled to the illegal community that the county was essentially ‘looking the other way.’

Removing that deterrent created a de facto Sanctuary County status since illegal immigrants had little reason to fear being rounded up and deported.

This bad decision created a ripple effect of problems for the county, resulting in a successful ACLU lawsuit against the Sheriff which has now been given class action status. This means the taxpayers – YOU – will have to foot the bill for yet more poor decisions and rookie mistakes by this Sheriff. We’re talking potentially MILLIONS of DOLLARS of YOUR money.

But it gets worse.

Back in early 2017, Colorado State Representative Dave Williams introduced a bill that would have held public officials accountable for decisions that create de facto Sanctuary City or County status. It would have made it easier for people to file lawsuits against the government should its Sanctuary policies result in harm, such as injury or death.

This was basically a Colorado state version of the Kate Steinle bill that was introduced in the Congress as a result of the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, CA, a well-known Sanctuary City. Who could argue against that, you may ask?

How about the incumbent Sheriff of El Paso County.

He vigorously opposed the bill. I’m told he personally drove to Denver, CO, to lobby against the legislation. Unfortunately, Representative Williams’s bill failed. He talked about it in February 2017 with Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. Watch the video here.

Let this sink in.

The Sheriff created a de facto Sanctuary County in El Paso County in 2015, and then two years later sought – and succeeded – to undermine a law that would have held him accountable for that very same poor decision.

How convenient it was for the Sheriff to oppose something that would have put his pocketbook on the chopping block. Of course, don’t expect any remorse from him for the same decision that resulted in the ACLU lawsuit that will drain YOUR pocketbook.

Public officials MUST be held accountable for their actions. As your next Sheriff, I expect to be held accountable by you, the People.

  • I WILL bring back the 287 (G) joint enforcement program with ICE.
  • I WILL crack down on criminal illegal immigration.
  • I WILL create a deterrent to those who would come here illegally for criminal purpose.
  • I WILL fully support President Donald J. Trump’s immigration enforcement policies.

When you get your primary ballot in the mail in early June, remember who created the de facto Sanctuary County status in El Paso, and who worked hard to avoid accountability for that terrible decision. The incumbent Sheriff.

Cast your vote for the candidate who will reverse this bad decision. Vote for Mike Angley.