Dear Citizens of El Paso County,

You’ve heard the expression, “Elections have consequences.” Rush Limbaugh quotes it often. We saw that with the Clinton and Obama administrations and the disastrous wrecking ball each took to the Constitution and our liberties.

But in El Paso County, SELECTIONS also have consequences, equally devastating on a proportional scale. You see, the sitting Sheriff of El Paso County wasn’t truly ‘elected’ by the people. He was ‘selected’ by a handful of Republican party elites.

When the Sheriff ran in 2014, he eked out a victory at the county general assembly when about 1,200 delegates cast their votes to place him on a primary ballot. Since no other GOP candidate secured enough delegate votes to join him on the ballot, he became the party’s nominee.

With no Democrat in the race, he was the Sheriff-in-Waiting and needed only one vote in the general election to win the seat.

In short, about 1,200 party insiders selected the incumbent Sheriff. The citizens did not have a genuine voice.

He was never properly vetted, his credentials never thoroughly examined like they should have been. The sitting Sheriff – with no executive leadership experience whatsoever – was suddenly made the Chief Executive Officer of a major law enforcement organization.

It was like Barack Obama – who in his best prior days had been a Community Organizer – was made the CEO of the world’s remaining superpower.

I’ve written extensively about the problems under the current Sheriff, but to recap just a few of the many:

  • NO real accountability and transparency over budgets – YOUR money
  • Endless lawsuits for avoidable problems (workplace discrimination, harassment, etc.)
  • Double-digit attrition rates due to poor morale
  • Cronyism, vendettas, favoritism
  • Left-wing Illegal Immigration fiascoes
    • Terminated enforcement efforts with ICE, created de facto Sanctuary County status
    • Lobbied AGAINST an anti-Sanctuary City/County bill
    • Mishandled detainees, resulting in a major lawsuit against the county
  • Despite more money for manpower, fewer deputies on patrol and in the jail
    • Response times often measured in hours
    • Staff safety in the jail in peril

This time around, the citizens of El Paso County applied the brakes. They did so at the general assembly when a sufficient number of delegates decided vetting might be in order. They agreed to continue the discussion about who would earn the honor of wearing the People’s Badge.

They did this by giving me enough votes to place me on the ballot and to force a primary challenge. With that decision came an expectation – that both candidates prove themselves worthy by providing some granularity, some contrast between them.

Debates are an American political tradition, and they become even more significant in contested races, such as this one. My placement on the ballot compels a debate or two, but the sitting Sheriff is denying the voters what they demand.

Ten debate offers given. Ten debate offers I’ve accepted. Ten debate offers he’s declined.

To the citizens of El Paso County, don’t allow the party insiders to hand-pick the next Sheriff, the way they did in 2014. There’s a reason the party elites have corralled themselves around the incumbent: they want a Sheriff they can continue to manipulate and control to guard the swamp.

When I’m elected, that control ends and accountability begins. Finally. I will work for YOU, and only you.

The choice is clear. If you want to break the cycle of establishment politics, elect me as your next Sheriff.

God Bless,

Mike Angley