Establishment HypocrisyWriting for Andrew Breitbart several years back helped sharpen my skills at spotting and outing the tortured logic of the left. I stopped debating liberals long ago as a general rule because it became too easy.

I’ll make one exception, however. I’ll debate the incumbent Sheriff of El Paso County. Unfortunately, he refuses to get on a debate stage with me and face public scrutiny.

But I digress.

What’s worse than Democrat Party liberal logic? How about when Establishment Republicans engage in it. Take, for example, the recent disgraceful comments the Sheriff allegedly made, calling me a “f-ing cripple” because I happen to be Disabled American Veteran.

I’ve had some ‘Republicans’ criticize me for bringing up these comments, going so far as to call it ‘negative campaigning.’

Now that’s rich.

There’s more phony outrage over my surfacing these comments than real contempt for the actual comments. That a sitting Sheriff would utter such vile sentiments is what’s disgusting, not that I would remind voters what he reportedly said.

Here’s another approach I’ve seen. The Establishment has suggested that the Sheriff’s remarks were ‘taken out of context.’ But didn’t the Sheriff tell the Colorado Springs Independent he never said anything even ‘remotely close?’

So which is it? Not remotely close or out of context? If it was taken out of context, then in what context did he utter ‘f-ing cripple,’ and how is it acceptable?

Establishment HypocrisyFinally, there’s this bit of tortured logic from Andy Cain, a major campaign donor to the incumbent ($5,000) and a Navy veteran. In a lengthy and bizarre Facebook rant a few weeks back, he included this gem while speculating as to whether or not the Sheriff used the term ‘f-ing cripple:’

“If it did (happen), who cares?”

Who cares?

Oh, I dunno, perhaps tens of thousands of El Paso County veterans who may not want a Sheriff who mocks their service and sacrifice.

So there you have it. The story has evolved from:

‘He never said anything even remotely close.’

To, ‘He said it but it was out of context.’

To, ‘Who cares if he said it?’

Yes, the incumbent and his Establishment supporters really are that disgraceful.

As for negative campaigning…few things are more negative or repulsive than a politician attempting to intimidate a General Assembly Delegate while referring to a disabled veteran as a ‘f-ing cripple.’

If the Establishment were honest, that’s where its scorn would be focused instead of circling the swamp monsters around a contemptible candidate.

But I’m peculiar like that. I apply logic.

Establishment HypocrisyAnother quirk I have is when people attempt to shut down my free speech, I double down on it.  I happen to cherish the Constitution and the First Amendment. Wish all ‘Republicans’ did.