Proud parents as we were getting ready to take our youngest child and only daughter, Meghan, to the church for her baptism, 1994.

Thirty-three years ago, in a small Catholic chapel called Parroquia San Vicente de Paúl, in Mayaguez, Puerto-Rico, Evelyn and I exchanged vows. It’s been a wonderful journey ever since. Actually, it’s been many new journeys and adventures, and my candidacy for Sheriff of El Paso County, CO is one of them.

We traveled the world serving in the United States Air Force. Twelve assignments in 25 years made for lots of packing and unpacking, new places to live, changes of address, long rides on aircraft, switching schools for the kids, new cultures and new friends.

Evelyn served on active duty for ten years, leaving reluctantly when our first child was about a year old. We simply didn’t want someone else raising our kids, so she sacrificed her promising career and transitioned to her new vocation, the noblest one of all: being a mom.

All the while, she pursued a new education path and completed the requirements to become a school teacher. She entered that profession when I retired from the Air Force and our kids were in high school.

As a native Spanish speaker, Evelyn became a high school Spanish teacher and has done that for ten years at The Classical Academy in the Northgate end of town where we live.

Many of you have received her testimonial mailer by now, tens of thousands of you actually. We hope it has given you some insight into her as much as it has about me. I had the opportunity the other day to visit the direct mail center while her mailers were coming off the address printing machine. I took a short video:

I am so proud of Evelyn. She endured so much during my USAF career and stood by me during some rough times. She’ll make a great Sheriff’s spouse since she was battle-tested as a Commander’s wife on five occasions.

She understands the importance of leadership as a joint commitment, that as Sheriff I am answering a calling — not an occupation. Our service together will be to the community we love and where we made our home 13 years ago. Most importantly, she’ll share with me in the compassion and caring for the troops at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, just as she did my Airmen when I was a Commander.

Happy Anniversary, Evelyn!