Down But Not Out

We lost our primary challenge and I respect the apparent will of the voters. An incumbent always enjoys an advantage and we knew that going in. What I did not expect was such a huge loss across the county for genuine grassroots conservatives.

That bucks the nationwide trend where establishment candidates, incumbents included, are being kept from office right and left. What makes it more surprising is the hard-right nature of El Paso County and the base’s discontent with disappointing public officials. Something seems off kilter here, especially the odd repetition of 60-40 splits on average.

Establishment Roared, Aided and Abetted by Mainstream Media

Both the establishment and their willing accomplices in the local media won big time Tuesday night. Once again, the mainstream media chose the GOP candidates through journalistic malpractice. Acts of omission and commission. Bad news about establishment candidates was either never covered or skillfully buried well below the fold.

Slanderous editorials against non-establishment types were carefully planted and timed for maximum damage. The Colorado Springs Gazette published a drive-by attack against me on Sunday June 24th, never seeking comment or perspective from me in advance, but then blew up my phone begging for comments two days later on primary day and night.

Three weeks prior to the hit piece, the same Gazette editorial board described me as ‘capable’ and with ‘relevant experience.’ But two days before the primary I mysteriously transformed into a liar and an unqualified candidate with questionable credentials.

Instead of asking me to clarify my record, they relied for ‘expert’ analysis on the Facebook rants of a retired O-6. a long-time friend and well-known supporter of my opponent (Gazette omitted that disclaimer) who never spent a day in my career field. Somehow his Facebook insight into my career which he knows nothing about is given weight.

Now that’s real credible, hard-nosed journalism there.

They described my campaign commercials as unfounded and unsourced, when one of the sources we used was an article from the Gazette itself. Will the Gazette stand by its article or will it defend its editorial? It doesn’t appear both can be true. (Is there a recall process for Pulitzer Prizes? Just curious.)

When the first three reader comments to the editorial blasted the Gazette for its emotional tirade and blatant attempt to unfairly discredit me, what did the Gazette do? It deleted the inconvenient truth statements of its readers within one hour. One day ago there were over 50 new comments, almost all critical of the Gazette and my opponent or sympathetic to me.

All now gone. Deleted. Censored the way the establishment party apparatchiks would approve.

But hey, you can be the ‘first to comment’ if you hurry…thank God for screen grabs of the original comments.

Yet somehow I’m the dishonest one?

Fun Fact: In El Paso County, you can count on one hand (okay, it’s really one finger) the number of honest media outlets, those who adhere to standards of journalistic integrity and professionalism. One is the Colorado Springs Independent which intrepidly has reported on Sheriff’s Office scandals for 3.5 years, consistently scooping the bigger outlets.

Rule of Law Matters

Ours is a nation of laws derived from common law and empowered by the United States Constitution. Many years ago, I took my first of many oaths as a military officer to support and defend that same Constitution. My oath has no expiration date.

We may have lost a battle, but the war is far from over.

I entered this race to answer a calling for both leadership and to end corruption. I remain committed to that calling. The rule of law matters and it transcends party politics.

I will keep my oath. I’ll continue to fight to expose corruption and to end it in El Paso County. I may not be able to do that as the sheriff, but I can do so in other ways.

I’ll Lead a Movement

It starts with holding accountable both establishment office holders and their co-conspirators in the media. It includes rejecting establishment candidates, whether they are newcomers, RINO incumbents, or political careerists who hop from one elected position to the next.

I am considering a number of ideas and venues, and I solicit any thoughts from like-minded patriots on how we can move the ball forward. In 2009, Tea Party Patriots rose up to oppose the Democrat Party and the destruction by Barack Obama.

Maybe it’s time for a Tea Party movement to target establishment corruptocrats from the ‘Republican’ Party.

I garnered over 35,000 votes in my race. That seems to be a good place to begin a movement. If we can double those numbers, we could turn every election upside down and install genuine Constitution-loving, rule-of-law-respecting, low-tax-advocating, and Reagan style conservatives.

We especially want Veterans who feel disenfranchised by the GOP elites in our community, Veterans like me who ran for office to give us voice.

Corruption must end. We must restore power back to the good citizens of El Paso County.

Contact me to join the movement:


God bless!