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Evelyn and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day. Two hundred forty-two years ago, a group of colonists – patriots — stood up to the King of England and said, “No more!” That resistance ushered in the greatest experiment in government the world has ever seen.

Our Republic is made much stronger by the simple tenet of government ‘of, by, and for the PEOPLE.’ Oftentimes, we seem to have forgotten that. Here in El Paso County, it’s a long-dormant concept. Our county government and the Republican establishment body politic have forgotten that it serves US, not the other way around.

I aim to change the trajectory of local politics. I have already heard from so many of you about starting a movement, and I am encouraged by the genuine desire to reframe local government in the image of what our Founders had in mind.

I want you all to know we are getting organized and we are growing. If you haven’t reached out yet, please do so.

I won’t tell you how to vote in November, but I can tell you that while I would never vote for a Democrat, I also will never vote for an establishment Republican corruptocrat, no matter the office.

It’s funny, but what the establishment fails to understand about me, despite my mentioning it often during the last nine months, is that I am not a politician. I do not march to the party’s tune, nor will I ‘fall in line’ as a ‘good Republican’ is expected to do.

I am first and foremost an American Constitutionalist, a genuine conservative, and a warrior at heart. I will fight for the principles our Founders died for. As a retired Colonel, I don’t suffer fools, no matter what title they use to try and impress me.

No nominee is entitled to my support, nor is anyone entitled to yours. They either stand up to the principles we share, or they fall short. It’s time we all make a stand.

The only way to stop the business-as-usual cycle of cynical local government is to vote it out of office and replace incumbent public ‘officials’ with actual SERVANTS.

Stay tuned for more. We may not be able to change the direction of the November election, but by the next cycle, we’ll be a formidable force.

God bless.