Tom Clements: Murder, Cover-up, Corruption

In 2013, Tom Clements, head of Colorado’s prison system was murdered in his home in Monument, CO in a ‘hit’ by a prison gang member. It seems the mainstream media is finally taking an interest in the murder and the possibility that Sheriff Bill Elder and District Attorney Dan May potentially have colluded to shield co-conspirators from prosecution.

It’s a shame that the local news media in El Paso County continue to ignore stories of corruption, but at least Denver’s KDVR Fox 31 is brave enough to give our area some attention: ‘Video supports evidence of conspiracy in killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements.

Fox 31 reports, “…District Attorney Dan May never convened a grand jury to act on the information investigators were collecting.” And, according to a retired EPSO Detective, the DA and sheriff “…have not prosecuted any of these individuals within three years, which is the statute of limitations (for accessory), so they’ve let that lapse.”

Denver’s radio station AM 710 KNUS posted documents related to the Clements murder, among which are some inmate letters which shed light on possible reasons Elder and May allegedly are keeping a lid on additional prosecutions.

In addition to killing Clements, the 211 gang reportedly had planned to assassinate DA Dan May, but because of a mix-up, killed DA Sean May of Adams County instead. The reason for the original hit on Dan May was because he allegedly was dirty and fabricated evidence against gang members that resulted in life sentences for some.

The theory goes that DA Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder have not pursued a vigorous investigation or any prosecutions in the Clements murder as a form of protection money to the 211 and Sarenyos gangs. In exchange for not pursuing them, May would be spared his own life.

On August 1, Fox 31 did a follow-up story that made this same point: ‘Murdered by mistake: Was wrong prosecutor targeted?

If it’s true that Elder and May have intentionally ignored co-conspirators in a murder to stop a hit against May, then there would appear to be some serious laws broken. It may be time for the U.S. Department of Justice to launch a corruption probe in El Paso County.

Interviews and Details

The same Detective who spoke with Fox 31 also made the rounds on two Denver radio programs on July 31 and August 1, first on AM 710 KNUS’s Peter Boyles and then with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden.

You can listen to Peter Boyles’s interviews with the retired Detective here:

Part 1 A Twist and The Plot Thickens On Tom Clements’ Murder in 2013 – Jul 31, 2018

Part 2 A Twist and The Plot Thickens On Tom Clements’ Murder in 2013 – Jul 31, 2018

More On Evan Ebel and Tom Clements’ Murder – Aug 1, 2018

The July 31st segments from the Chuck and Julie program are here:




El Paso County’s Cabal Manages the ‘Corruption Eruptions’

During the Bill Clinton administration, Hillary was in charge of managing what the media called, ‘Bimbo Eruptions.’ Any time one of Bill’s former lovers or alleged rape victims threatened to go public, Hillary’s job was to swat them down and silence them. In El Paso County, Sheriff Elder and apparently DA May have a cabal dedicated to managing their ‘Corruption Eruptions.’

El Paso County Commissioners, hard at work ignoring corruption.

Other than the Colorado Springs Independent, the only news outlet with the journalistic integrity to report on county corruption, no other local media venue will touch stories like this. That’s why it’s gaining traction only in Denver. The Republican Party Establishment provides cover and concealment as well (the number of times party elites tried to get me to stop talking about Elder’s corruption is mind numbing, each time calling it ‘negative campaigning’).

The El Paso County Commissioners sit back, fecklessly — and recklessly — looking the other way even when the corruption is tossed in their laps. What should be treated like a grenade without a pin gets a yawn instead. Their lack of intellectual curiosity is breathtaking.

Scandals like this are huge. We’re talking about potential criminal charges against a sitting district attorney and sheriff. By the way, that May not only endorsed Elder for re-election, but he also nominated him at the County General Assembly, shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

Elder’s record of self-made messes grows. In addition to this allegation, there are multiple lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office and the county with his fingerprints on them, along with other disasters:

I could go on and on.

The simple point is this: Elder is a train-wreck who keeps derailing no matter how many times the DA, the media, the Republican Party, or the County Commissioners dust him off, pretend like there’s nothing to see, and put him back on the track again.

What does all this mean as we approach the November general election?

Think El Paso County Would Never Elect a Democrat Sheriff? (Think Again)

Back on April 17th, while I was still in the primary race for El Paso County Sheriff, I posted this item: ‘Best Way to Ensure We Don’t Elect a DEMOCRAT as Sheriff?’ In it, I made the case for why giving incumbent Sheriff Bill Elder the Republican nomination almost certainly would guarantee his Democrat challenger would win.

It’s simple. Elder’s first term record is so abysmal, his leadership so toxic, that his challenger and the Democrat Party writ large have endless reams of material to hammer him with. Layer on top of that serious allegations of corruption and scandal, and it seems Grace Sweeney-Maurer has few obstacles in her path.

If (when?) Elder loses re-election to a Democrat, he will only have himself to blame. He is responsible for his own failures, for his own alleged corruption, and for every scandal where his DNA is clearly evident. The El Paso County Republican Party, the media, and the County Commissioners will have to face the voters and square with them how they all got behind a corrupt candidate, rallied him to a primary win, only to hand the reins to a Democrat challenger.

We Must Demand the Truth. We Must Demand Accountability

It’s time for the citizens of El Paso County to stand up to the cabal and demand accountability. We must insist on the TRUTH in the Clements murder. Have the sheriff and the district attorney conspired to ignore co-conspirators in a murder? If so, let’s get competent authority — whether it’s the State of Colorado or the U. S. Attorney’s Office — engaged and actively investigating. If crimes occurred, let’s demand justice.

We must demand accountability for all of Elder’s scandals, and we must then hold accountable every elected official who has participated in the cover-ups and corruption. If they’ve committed crimes in the process, prosecute them. At a minimum, vote them out of office and elect instead honest, trustworthy people of integrity.

While we’re at it, let’s call out the media for its lack of attention to serious scandals like these. Cancel your subscriptions to those outlets that have failed you. Put pressure on their advertisers. Finally, demand answers from the Republican Party’s leadership. They deserve your shame and scorn for getting behind and propping up corrupt elected officials.

We need to take back our county, and perhaps the Clements murder is the tragic catalyst to make it happen.