Leave it to the Colorado Springs Gazette to cover a story about alleged sexual harassment and retaliation that occurred 100% during Sheriff Bill Elder’s tenure, and make it about former Sheriff Terry Maketa.

In fact, this story is easily 80% about Sheriff Maketa who was long gone when the alleged harassment and retaliation began.

I love how an El Paso County attorney invoked Maketa’s name to paint a negative picture of the plaintiffs:

“El Paso County attorney Kenny Hodges said John and Tiffany Huntz had received ‘special treatment’ from Maketa, who appointed John Huntz to the ‘high-profile, high-stakes, coveted position’ of training sergeant, though he had no experience supervising deputies or overseeing training.”

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the County Attorney had better be careful opening a door like that…Elder has his share of pay-for-play allegations, jobs for campaign supporters and the like…the least qualified getting the ‘coveted positions.’

Speaking of opening doors, the Gazette gratuitously uses the mention of Maketa to remind everyone about his trials, as if that has anything to do with the Huntz lawsuit. Of course, the Gazette’s disappointment that the former Sheriff wasn’t convicted of anything drips through the pages like greasy fries in a paper bag.

But lost in all the negative-image-invoking-wasted-words about the former Sheriff are the details of why the CURRENT Sheriff — Bill Elder — is on trial in the first place.

Allow me to help out the Gazette by publishing the complaint:

Huntz Civil Suit Complaint

It will be interesting to watch how the trial unfolds. But if you want to learn facts about the case, I suspect you’ll have to rely on the Denver media.