Could it be true? Did the Colorado Springs Gazette actually stumble into some real journalism? Was it intentional or a random accident?

The Gazette actually questioned Sheriff Bill Elder’s real motivation in going after marijuana grows in El Paso County prior to the June 26th primary. The key question they ask is if he used the highly-publicized busts as a campaign trick.

Of course, writing a tough piece on Elder now that the primary is over and he won it is a bit ‘OBE’d’ as we’d say in the military. Keep in mind that nothing but puff pieces about Elder riddled the Gazette’s pages leading up to the primary, to include stories about…wait for it…marijuana busts, the very thing they now question.

So, this doesn’t exactly pass the muster as serious journalism since its timing was clearly meant to be safe for the candidate the paper endorsed and helped propel to victory.

Now, if the Gazette wants to prove its mettle, regain some long-lost dignity, it could look into:

  • The lack of transparency and accountability over the budget (especially the Public Safety Tax)
  • The serial sexual predators at EPSO who still manage to grope, grab, and get promoted
  • Morale so low that it created conditions for double-digit attrition
  • Double-digit attrition and the loss of critical leadership and the brain trust
  • The firing of Sergeant Keith Duda for the crime of backing the wrong candidate for office
  • Pay-for-play allegations involving creation of new positions as rewards for campaign support
  • Misuse of county resources by EPSO personnel for personal purposes
  • The allegations of a botched operation that resulted in the shooting death of Deputy Micah Flick
  • Alleged bullying and intimidation of delegates at the March 2018 County GOP General Assembly
  • Loss of manpower in patrol, resulting in response times measured in hours
  • Loss of manpower in the jail, resulting in unsafe conditions for jail staff
  • Rise in assaults in the jail on the staff due to the above
  • The Tom Clements murder investigation and allegations of corruption and collusion between the Sheriff and the District Attorney
  • Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits

I could go on and on…