District Attorney Dan May has demonstrated clear and obvious political bias in favor of Sheriff Bill Elder. Since Elder has potential liability – legal, law enforcement, and political – in the shooting death of Deputy Micah Flick, Dan May CANNOT offer even an opinion in this matter and be taken seriously. The public deserves better.

But render an opinion he did. That he found the shooting justified is no surprise, but given his partiality, can we be certain this is an objective finding or is it colored by his clear bias?

The facts:

  • In March 2018, Dan May nominated Bill Elder for Sheriff at the El Paso County GOP General Assembly.
  • During the course of the campaign, Dan May endorsed Elder.
  • Dan May narrated radio commercials endorsing Elder.
  • Dan May and Bill Elder allegedly conspired to cover-up a murder as a form of protection money to a prison gang that had an assassination order on May’s head.

A recent letter to the Colorado Springs Independent made these same points: D.A. May Should Step Aside

Nothing Dan May says about Bill Elder can be taken even at face value. When he failed to do the honorable thing and step aside in the Flick shooting investigation, he ensured that any finding would be forever questioned.

The voting public deserves honest, honorable, trustworthy government. We are owed nothing less when it comes to the Deputy Flick shooting investigation. Dan May has too many reasons to distrust him on this matter.

He needs to step aside and assign the oversight review to a neutral third party.