Dear El Paso County Citizens,

Last Thursday I posted my initial input to the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office with respect to County Question 1A, the so-called ‘extension’ of the Public Safety Sales Tax (PST). The Clerk and Recorder’s Office reached out and asked me to shorten my comments since the ballot notice has a limit of 500 words each for the pro and con comments sections.

I did that, submitting new comments Thursday night.

I wordsmithed them to not only shorten them, but to clarify a few points. I did expand one area, item 3, ‘Government’s Failures Should Not Become a Taxpayer Burden.’ Since the County Commissioners had considered two options for this ballot question – the ‘extension’ version which they approved and that will appear on the ballot, and a second version to make the PST ‘permanent’ (which they rejected) — I thought the voters should know about both.

It is important that people see the Commissioners attempted to saddle them with a permanent tax burden but opted for an extension instead, neither of which is a good solution in my judgment.

God forbid if the Commissioners were to propose a third option — to fully fund the Sheriff’s Office via the general fund and let the PST expire, thereby removing a millstone from the necks of the taxpayers. But I think too much like a Republican and a Conservative.

Let’s face it, this ‘extension’ is nothing more than a step toward making the sales tax permanent. Moving the goal posts for 8 or 10 years today means that in 8 or 10 years, the Commissioners will go through the same drill again. They will test the waters to see if a permanent tax will be palatable to the public, and if not, they will patronize the voters with their ‘benevolence’ in seeking only an extension for a mere 8 or 10 more years.

The real intent is to make this sales tax permanent, even if it’s done in 8-year increments into perpetuity.

The general fund money they avoid spending for the Sheriff’s Office will then be diverted to the wealthy developer class of El Paso County for projects they pass off as for the common good.

This is Corporate Welfare, plain and simple.

In return for pillaging the taxpayers pocketbooks, the developers will write campaign donation checks to the Commissioners who support this scheme.

We have a chance to stop this liberal tax-and-spend madness and corruption now. Vote NO on County Question 1A and force the County Commissioners to behave like the conservative Republicans they claim to be.