Dear El Paso County Citizens,

Evelyn and I have taken some time to reflect on the primary loss and the way forward. While I won’t commit to running again at this point in time, I certainly have not ruled it out. Besides, with all the scandal and lawsuits that continue to engulf the Sheriff’s Office, anything can happen in the next four years.

We’ve kept the campaign open officially for this reason. We’ve not closed it out with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office and we will continue to file our required reports with the state. We’ll remain in ‘warm status’ for now and see what the next few years will bring us.

Nearly one year back I announced my Contract with the County. In it, I pledged to give you complete transparency over your money. We’ve not had that with the current Sheriff and with his reelection, you won’t have it for four more years.

In the recent election, voters approved an extension of the Public Safety Tax to provide funding for the Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, it was sold to you based upon lies by not only the Sheriff, but several of the County Commissioners, chief among whom is Mark Waller. Just prior to the general election, Waller issued a dire warning that without the extension, the Sheriff would have to lay off 180 people.

I had warned this was a lie all along, and that the real reason for the extension was so that the Commissioners could use general fund money to reward wealthy developers with tax breaks in exchange for campaign donations, i.e. pay-for-play corporate welfare. The sales tax freed up general fund money for political donors that should have gone to the Sheriff’s Office.

Within a couple short weeks after the election, before the grave was even cold, the Commissioners did just that, diverting $40M+ to developers. That’s $40+ of YOUR money that should have gone to your public safety, but instead went to the richest among us. The three Commissioners who voted for the transfer of your wealth were Waller, Glenn, and VanderWerf.

Every sitting Commissioner has received campaign cash from the developers, and the two incoming newly-elected Commissioners have as well. So, don’t expect much to change in the future. Public corruption will continue unless and until you, the voters, demand a change. We cannot count on politically-compromised District Attorney Dan May who nominated/endorsed/advertised for the sitting Sheriff to clean up the Sheriff’s Office or the county budget.

In my Contract with the County, I listed my Four Crime Priorities:

  • Crime Surge
  • Criminal Gangs
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Public Corruption

I certainly will continue to target these should I become Sheriff, but public corruption has gained my renewed interest lately because of the cesspool we have in El Paso County. The above example is but one of many.

Over the next several months, I will begin to lay out a strategy for dealing with corruption. Should I become Sheriff, I’ll use the mantle of the office to formally go after it, in partnership with the Department of Justice if necessary.

Enough is enough. It’s time to take back our county. I hope you will join me in my efforts.

God Bless,

Mike Angley