corruptionIn my recent post, as in several leading up to the November general election, I wrote about the corruption in El Paso County government involving:

  • Corporate Welfare
  • County Commissioners
  • Private Developers
  • Public Safety Tax
  • Pay-for-Play Scheme

As predicted, the Commissioners lied to the voters about the Public Safety Tax to get it to pass, claiming a dire need to fund the Sheriff’s Office. But it was never about public safety or the Sheriff’s Office. It was always about taking pressure off the general fund to move YOUR tax dollars to the wealthiest developers in our community as a form of Corporate Welfare.

And that’s exactly what they did to the tune of over $40 MILLION. In exchange, the developers donated campaign cash to all five sitting Commissioners and the two incoming Commissioners elected in November.

Read this recent article in the Gazette for the story. By the way, there were two schemes voted on by the Commissioners. One passed with YES votes by Mark Waller, Darryl Glenn, and Stan VanderWerf. The other passed with YES votes by Mark Waller, Darryl Glenn, Stan VanderWerf, and Longinos Gonzalez, Jr. Peggy Littleton was not present, so it’s unclear which direction she would have voted.

Did you know that the County will confiscate 100% of increased sales and property taxes for the NEXT 25 YEARS and divert it to the Marriott Hotel enterprise and Nor’wood developers? That’s an entire generation of YOUR money.

No one can describe the corruption better than Joel Miller. On his new website, INFORMCOS.COM, Joel has produced two short videos that explain the corruption in a way only he can, which is far better than I.

The shorter of the two videos is great, but the longer one provides excellent detail, so I recommend you give both a look.

We won’t fix this problem by being complacent. If I were to run for Sheriff again and get elected, I would go after corruption the way Sheriff Joe Arpaio did in Maricopa County, AZ. He came in as a former federal law enforcement officer like I was for 26 years, and as an outsider to the county, he held no allegiance to the political class there. Likewise, it will take an outsider to clean up the mess the corruptocrats in the local Republican Party in El Paso County have created.