22. Retired USAF Colonel and Former OSI Special Agent Endorses Mike

(Mike’s Note: Andy Ceroni is an El Paso County, CO resident, a friend, fellow writer, colleague, and a mentor to me. We worked together at the Pentagon in the mid-90s, and in the late 90s I followed and replaced him at United States Strategic Command as the Chief of Counterintelligence).

“Mike, I’ve known you for a while… the young Captain-Major I knew went on to accept bigger and bigger challenges and succeeded. In OSI, it really doesn’t get any better than full Colonel, Senior Supervisory Special Agent. Not many in the command, and you achieved it. So, now you are presented with another challenge. When I was at Air Command & Staff College and we were writing the first paper on well-known military leaders, I shocked my section by not reporting on an Air Force leader but reporting on Fleet Admiral (5 Star) William F. “Bull” Halsey, Jr. I loved one of his quotes and believed in its message.

‘There are no great men, there are only great challenges which ordinary men must rise to meet.’

I would only add to this quote, that in meeting truly great challenges, some ordinary men do become great. I think you’re pretty much there, Mike. And now, we all want to see you go further.

God Bless, Andy”

Andrew Ceroni, Colonel, USAF (ret)
Senior Supervisory Special Agent, Office of Special Investigations (ret)


21. Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Tancredo Endorses Mike

We’re pleased to announce that Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate and former United States Congressman, Tom Tancredo, has endorsed Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, CO.

The two candidates appeared at a joint Meet the Candidates event in Colorado Springs the evening of January 9th.  During his speech, Mr. Tancredo publicly announced his endorsement and support for Mike. When he did, Mike stood, approached Mr. Tancredo for a handshake to thank him, and the two gave each other a warm hug.

Mr. Tancredo spoke of his commitment to the Constitution of the United States and to immigration enforcement, two areas for which he and Mike share the same passion. He mentioned that Mike will be a champion for immigration enforcement, particularly by reinvigorating the ‘287(g) program.’

The 287(g) program is named after a section in the Immigration and Nationality Act, and it gives local law enforcement the authority to act with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce immigration law.

In 2015, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder withdrew from the program which had been in place for several years and working well, creating a de facto Sanctuary County. In its place, El Paso County adopted what amounts to a ‘catch and release’ program. Read, ‘Why El Paso County’s Sheriff Doesn’t Plan to Help With Trump’s Immigration Enforcement.’

Mike Angley has pledged to reinstate the program and work with President Donald Trump in his enforcement of immigration law, citing the importance of creating a safe community for county residents. Mike’s priority will be the criminal illegal immigrant element that poses risk to the community or is engaged in criminal enterprise that threatens public safety.

Tom Tancredo lauded his commitment to this effort.


20. Former Boss & Senior US Intelligence Official Endorses Mike

“Mike, I applaud your decision to run for the county Sheriff’s position. Your wide range of experiences while in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations make you well suited for the job. You were handpicked to head the Counterintelligence Office in US STRATCOM because of the leadership, honesty, and integrity you had shown over the previous years and your ability to get things done right. You excelled in organizing and training your staff when we worked together who had a direct impact on the Command’s mission. Command staff knew they could count on you and your team provide accurate information on threats and other issues impacting our mission.

Your broad investigative experience, leadership, organizational skills, writing ability, plus experience in the budgeting process are just a few of the traits that would make you an ideal Sheriff. My hat’s off to you for these efforts and know your selection would be of great benefit to the county and its people.”

Dean M. Olander
Former Chief, Special Security Division
Directorate of Intelligence (J2), United States Strategic Command

Note: Dean Olander was one of the best supervisors I had in my career and a great mentor to me. His endorsement means quite a lot to me.


19. Former OSI Agent & Senior Energy Department Official Endorses Mike

“Mike Angley is qualitatively the perfect candidate for Sheriff of El Paso County! I have known him professionally since 1990 when he was a Special Agent in Charge of a field office in Japan that I oversaw. I’ve watched his career in law enforcement blossom since and he’s always demonstrated nothing less than 100% commitment to excellence. I can personally certify Mike’s impartiality and professionalism towards all individuals as he was a superb manager and supervisor for many years. I can attest to his high-quality character and care for other individuals.  Mike gets my strongest endorsement.”

Glenn Smith
Special Agent, OSI (Ret) Former Commander & Supervisor
Former Department of Energy (DOE) Training Program Director for the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
Former Director of the DOE Polygraph Program within the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence


18. Former CIA Operative Follows-up His Previous Endorsement

Morten Storm is a dear friend and a former CIA operative from Denmark who spent considerable time working as a double agent against Islamic terrorists around the world. He previously provided me with a video endorsement on 9/11 of this year, which you can see at the link below. This is a follow-up, written endorsement which I am proud to post.

Former CIA Officer Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County Colorado“Your deep knowledge in Counterterrorism and bravery, by not being scared telling the truth. To find leadership with such honest bravery is rare in these day and age! El Paso County, Michael Angley is the right candidate for becoming your next Sheriff.

I’m proud to call Michael Angley my friend.”

Morten Storm

Morten Storm’s Video Endorsement of 9/11/17

If Morten’s name and face are familiar, perhaps it’s because he was a regular terrorism analyst and guest on several Fox News Channel programs, especially Megyn Kelly’s evening show. He’s the author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA by Morten Storm, available on Amazon. I highly recommend you give it a read.


17. Retired Southern California Senior Police Officer Endorses Mike

“Mike and I worked together for a period of time when we were both with Henley-Putnam University. I’ve always known him to be a subject matter expert in U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement. He represented the University to a diverse group of professionals in Law Enforcement and Military all throughout the country, earning respect and successfully developing partnerships that were beneficial to men and women in blue everywhere.

He is a professional in every respect and was always being sought out for advice and guidance on education matters pertaining to the Law Enforcement and the Military community. I have always known Mike to be of high moral standards.”

Tom Wood
Sr. Officer (Ret.)
Huntington Beach Police Department


16. Former OSI Agent & Corporate Executive Endorses Mike

“I’ve known Mike Angley since the 1980s and give him my full endorsement for sheriff of El Paso County.  Mike is a seasoned law enforcement officer who led five field offices, far more than most Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents will in a typical career.  That’s testament to his proven leadership abilities.  The People of El Paso County won’t go wrong with Mike.  You cannot ask for a more honest and battle-tested leader.”

David J. Crawford
Special Agent (retired) Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Former Vice President, National Security, Gray Hawk Systems
Former Executive Vice President, Kingfisher Systems


15. El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum Endorses Mike Angley

El Paso County GOP Chairman Apologizes for Party's Attack Republican Strategy ForumThe El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum endorsed Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado during a vote at its weekly meeting on November 8, 2017. The Strategy Forum is one of the oldest Republican groups in the county, having been in existence for over 20 years.

It is a stalwart conservative group, and it invited Mike to come address its members on two occasions, each time to make an introduction and to answer questions about his positions on a host of issues. Mike’s endorsement was neither easy to obtain nor automatic, so earning it is truly a privilege.

It is especially meaningful because this same group endorsed the incumbent in his first election in 2014, but reversed course and switched its endorsement to Mike this time around.

Mike is both honored and thrilled to receive this important endorsement and he looks forward to continued engagement with this group of influential leaders when he becomes the next Sheriff of El Paso County.


14. Retired USAF General, Former OSI Director Endorses Mike

“As a long time friend and professional colleague, I strongly endorse Mike for sheriff of El Paso County. The citizens there can be assured they will get an honest professional who will proudly represent them and the needs of the County. You can’t get a better man!”

Francis R. Dillon, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret)
Former Commander (Director)
Air Force Office of Special Investigations


13. Retired EPSO Sergeant Endorses Mike

“It is with great pleasure that I write this in support of Mike Angley in his bid for Sheriff of El Paso County and why he should be that person. Let me tell you why.

When I first met Mike and his lovely wife Evelyn it was immediately apparent that they are down to earth people. Mike is very clear in what he says and he stands by it. His word is his bond and he is very concrete in that.

When I asked him why he was running I found the answer to be very revealing as to the type of person Mike is.  Mike said he has watched the Sheriff’s office closely over several years and he is concerned over the lack of promises made and not kept. He is very adamant if you promise something that you should deliver it.  He is a strong proponent of transparency and is not happy over the cronyism that has occurred. During our conversation, it was very clear that he is proud of the Deputies who carry out their duties and responsibilities with honor on a daily basis.  He shared a quote with me, he had read somewhere, “Law enforcement is an honorable profession as long as it is done honorably.”

I chose to be his campaign manager because I am impressed with his and Evelyn’s unfailing level of commitment and professionalism which they consistently demonstrate during what can be a very trying and difficult process.  I can personally attest to his ability to lead group initiatives and to set and preserve a tone of cooperation, even when faced with aridity. He recognizes and values cooperative relationships with other law enforcement officers and community members on his campaign and freely shares his knowledge and experience. Not only does he share his experience he asks others and listens. Just by observing him and his responses he truly values their feedback.  Mike is very adept to make both quick and decisive decisions as well as anticipating long term strategic needs not only for the office but for our community as well. His many years of experience is duly noted and key to his/our success.

Mike served in a law enforcement for 25 years. He served as a law enforcement officer in the United States Air Force, retiring in the rank of Colonel. He has lived a life servitude to our Country and wants to do the same for our community of El Paso County where he and his wife of 32 plus years have lived for 12 years. Mike and Evelyn have often commented during this campaign that they are blessed because they have met many wonderful people throughout the community and now call them friends.

There are those who discount his law enforcement experience in the military as not true law enforcement experience. Not only do I find that short sided, I find that to be less than genuine.  If that is the argument it is a pretty weak, disrespectful and a failed attempt to discredit a fellow officer and a decorated veteran.

As a 24-year veteran law enforcement officer and who has worked for 4 Sheriffs I can say without the least mental reservation that Mike Angley not only has what it takes to be a very successful Sheriff if not the most successful Sheriff in El Paso County’s history. He is a leader who has displayed the highest degree of integrity during this process in all that he has done and asks of his team. I have never seen Mike miss an opportunity to lead with his campaign. If you are looking for a progressive person who is able to adapt to rapidly fluctuating priorities and proactively adjust his tasks in order to maintain a high-quality and correct outcome this is the person you want and we need as the next Sheriff of El Paso County.

I am proud to be part of his team and provide my complete support for him as El Paso County’s next Sheriff.”

Jeanette Reid
Sergeant, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (ret)
Campaign Manager


12. Retired CIA and NSA Official Endorses Mike

Former CIA Officer Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County Colorado“Mike and I have been colleagues in academia for the past ten years, frequently traveling together to far flung places to provide education opportunities to those in the law enforcement and intelligence communities. In my experience consulting with police chiefs and county sheriffs around the US I have observed and learned those personal qualities that are needed to perform successfully in these occupations.  These include integrity, loyalty, honesty, perseverance, respect and experience, just to name a few, and I have observed that Mike fully demonstrates outstanding qualities in these areas.

Mike’s credentials in both law enforcement and intelligence are impeccable and I give him my enthusiastic endorsement for Sheriff of El Paso County. He is a true gentleman, a professional, and a calm and caring leader. He will do wonderful things for the men and women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and make the citizens of the county proud that he’s their Sheriff.”

Edwin Urie
Central Intelligence Agency (Ret)
National Security Agency (Ret)


11. University President Endorses Mike

“I’ve known Mike Angley for the past ten years. He served as my Senior Military Advisor in my capacity as the President of Henley-Putnam University. You cannot ask for a better candidate for county Sheriff. Mike is a true leader and an expert in law enforcement and intelligence, two communities our school catered to with its focus on Strategic Security. He served us honorably and professionally, and I know he will do the same for the citizens of El Paso County, Colorado. I give Mike my highest praise and endorsement. You should give him your vote.”

James P. Killin
President, Henley-Putnam University


10. Former Local College Criminal Justice Dept Chair and Retired FBI Profiler Endorses Mike

Former Local College Criminal Justice Chairman and Retired FBI Profiler Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County“I moved to Colorado Springs to teach and become Department Chair of the Criminal Justice Department at Pikes Peak Community College in 2003. After 13 years at PPCC, I retired and eventually moved to Ft. Collins, where I currently live.

During my time at the college I’m sure I taught subjects to over 2,000 students, some of whom went on to become Colorado Springs police officers, and El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies. Over the years I’ve continued to maintain contact with several of those students from both agencies. During that time, I’ve also had contact with current officers and deputies who took my classes to advance their careers.

What I’ve learned in my discussions is that the El Paso Sheriff’s Department has been run like a dictatorship and fiefdom for nearly 30 years. To advance, a deputy or senior supervisor was required to swear fealty and bow down before the king. This culture was ingrained within the sheriff’s department many years ago, and as I’m told by department personnel I know, remains in existence to this day. This type of environment does not produce a situation of benefit to the organizational structure, or to the citizens of El Paso County. And the cycle must be broken. Unless someone from the outside comes in to lead the organization, it will not change, which will produce continued low morale and poor service to citizens of El Paso County.

I believe a person who can cause those changes is Mike Angley. I know Mike well, consider him a personal friend, and have for a number of years. Mike is an honest and honorable person. As a colonel in the Air Force, he had the opportunity to lead and manage a large number of people over the years. Mike also had considerable experience as an investigator for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. In this role he both investigated and managed a considerable number of complex cases. I believe Mike is the right man for the job. As a law enforcement officer for over 30 years, I would have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to have worked with a man of his character and demeanor.

Please don’t let your sheriff’s department to retain the ‘good ole’ boy’ condition it currently operates under. It simply doesn’t create a quality work atmosphere, nor does it produce the type of service El Paso County needs, and will need even more in the future.

If I were still living in El Paso County, I would caucus next March for Mike Angley, volunteer to become a delegate at the County General Assembly, and I’d bring along every voting age friend and family member I could to do the same. I hope you feel the same way, because it’s foolish to vote for the incumbent simply because he’s the incumbent.”

Peter M. Klismet, Jr., Special Agent and former Profiler, FBI (ret)
National Award-Winning Author of:   FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil, FBI Animal House, FBI Diary: Home Grown Terror; Profiling Violent Offenders: The FBI Method
Consultant/Commentator:  FOX News; CNN; MSNBC; Canadian National TV (CTV); Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC); Beijing News; Chengdu (China) Economic Daily; Beijing Mirror Evening; Romanian National Police; China National TV ; Romanian National TV; Denver TV 9 and 7; KKTV & KRDO (Colo. Springs)
Fort Collins, Colorado


9. Retired DC Metro Vice Detective Endorses Mike

“Mike Angley is the best of the best. I was a law enforcement officer for over 41 years in Washington, D.C. and I believe Mike would make a great Sheriff. He’s innovative, honest and would enforce the law to the best of his ability. He is a born leader, which he has demonstrated over and over again as an Air Force Officer and as a member of the community. I would be proud to serve under his direction and the people of El Paso County could do no better.”

Joseph B. Haggerty, Detective (Ret)
Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, Vice Squad


8. Retired El Paso County Sheriff’s Office LT Endorses Mike

Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado Campaign Logo

“I fully endorse Mike Angley to be the next sheriff of El Paso County. He has the leadership skills and integrity that are needed in this position.”

Tim Williams
Lieutenant, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (ret)
Former Green Beret
Current Member of the Committee to Elect Mike Angley


7. Retired CIA Officer Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County

Former CIA Officer Endorses Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County Colorado“I have known Col. Angley since 2007 when we were founding advisers and professors at Henley-Putnam University.  Col. Angley had a stellar career in the U.S. Air Force, contributing greatly to the National Security of the United States.  He has proven leadership abilities and has been recognized numerous times for his management, personnel development and overall concern for those under his command.  Col. Angley demonstrated his recognition of the importance of education and training in personnel development.

I know few people with the superior professional qualifications Col. Angley possesses.  He has successfully investigated and thwarted criminal, terrorism and espionage activities against U.S. interests domestically and overseas, attested to by the numerous awards and citations from his superiors and peers.  I believe Col. Angley would be an outstanding choice to be Sheriff of El Paso County, CO.”

Bart Bechtel
Operations & Counterintelligence Officer (ret)
Central Intelligence Agency

(Note from Mike: Contrary to what you read in thrillers and see in movies, there are no CIA ‘Agents.’ The correct term is ‘Officer,’ and Bart was one of the best the Agency produced. Operations is the clandestine side of Langley, and he did it all. He’s a good friend and honest counsel to me.)


6. Former Subordinate, Retired California Command Police Officer Endorses Mike

Former Subordinate, Retired California Police Officer Endorses Mike“Mike Angley is a great cop, investigator, and boss. He cares about every employee and challenges them to be the best investigators and peace officers they can hope to be. I have worked in local and federal law enforcement for 41 years and know that Mike is honest, smart, tough, imaginative and is on the cutting edge, while at the same time able to hear the needs of the community like every good community policing officer should be.

Each air base is just like a county, and Mike has been the sheriff of many “counties” over the years. He in fact supervised about ten of those “counties” at the same time while fighting terrorism, conducting major criminal investigations and fighting corruption. He did all this while supporting the law enforcers and their families along the way.

I am proud to endorse Colonel Mike Angley for Sheriff of El Paso County, Colorado. He was my boss fighting Front Range terror subjects every day. Please vote for Mike Angley! A tough American serviceman, an excellent police executive, and a person invested in our community!”

Keith A. Harper
California Command Police Officer (ret)
U.S. Federal Agent (ret)


5. Fortune 500 Company Executive & Former OSI Commander Endorses Mike

(From Mike: This endorsement means so much to me. During my career, I was always senior to Keith Givens, and after I retired he went on to earn a star and command all of OSI as its worldwide Director. Thank you, General.)

Air Force Office of Special Investigations AFOSI OSI“Mike was and remains a well-respected senior leader in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations for as long as I can remember and someone I always looked up to. He was hand-picked to command every field office where he was the Special Agent in Charge, a total of FIVE times in his career.

Not only was he a battle-tested leader, he was one of the most technically-proficient and seasoned criminal investigators OSI produced. A true, ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ supervisor, Mike enjoyed the challenge of tough investigations and mentoring junior Special Agents to become leaders themselves.

I give him my HIGHEST praise and recommendation for Sheriff of El Paso County.  He is a true American hero who has never lost his desire to serve America and now the county of El Paso.”

Brig Gen (ret) Keith Givens,  USAF
Executive Director, Global Operations, Caterpillar, Inc.
A Fortune 500 Company
Former Commander, AFOSI


4. Retired OSI Counterintelligence Director, NCIS Annuitant, Endorses Mike (No, It’s Not Gibbs)

(Personal note from Mike: Dennis Pope is a great friend. He was a special guest at our first son’s baptism 28 years ago and at our daughter’s baptism 23 years ago. When I retired from OSI in 2007, he came out from Washington, DC to attend my ceremony. This endorsement means a great deal to me.)

“In the late 1980s, Mike and I worked together at headquarters Air Force OSI doing terrorism analysis. I consider him a colleague and a friend and our families frequently socialized together. Whether it’s in the office or out at dinner, or working with him late nights to finish his basement, Mike is a genuine guy. He’s poised, polished, professional and he knows law enforcement and counterterrorism inside and out. He was a practical joker as well, someone who always made sure to boost the office morale and make coming to work a pleasure.

He left that assignment and took his first Special Agent in Charge position in a large field office in northern Japan. As is typical of him, he achieved great success there and ran some of the most significant investigations and operations OSI had worldwide. Over the next 20 years or so, I saw Mike grow into one of the finest leaders OSI ever had. His trademark was and is honesty, integrity, dedication, and fairness.  As Sheriff, I know Mike will use all of his experience and talent to lead the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office into as great a law enforcement agency as it can possibly be.”

J. Dennis Pope, Special Agent, OSI (ret)
Former OSI Director of Counterintelligence

3. Former CIA Operative Morten Storm Endorses Mike on 9/11/17



I am humbled to have received this stunning tribute from my friend in Denmark. Morten Storm is a former CIA operative who spent considerable time working as a double agent against Islamic terrorists around the world. He offers his support and encouragement to me as I run for Sheriff of El Paso County.

Morten’s tribute comes on the anniversary of 9/11, and it is fitting given his work to counter those who brought evil to America. Although we never had the chance to work together in the field, we are united by our bonds of counterterrorism in the Middle East. I know what he’s been through and I know it still haunts him today.

If Morten’s name and face are familiar, perhaps it’s because he was a regular terrorism analyst and guest on several Fox News Channel programs, especially Megyn Kelly’s evening show. He’s the author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA by Morten Storm, available on Amazon. I highly recommend you give it a read.


2. Retired Senior Dallas Police Dept Official Endorses Mike 9/10/17

City of Dallas Texas Flag“I have known Mike Angley in both a professional and personal capacity for over 12 years. He carries a reputation of impeccable integrity, rock-solid trustworthiness, and an unwavering drive for excellence. As a retired federal Special Agent charged with leading and managing a large contingent of investigators over a multi-state region, he earned the respect and loyalty of those who worked under his direction because of his fairness, ability to communicate, and caring qualities. He is a consummate law enforcement professional and would make an outstanding Sheriff to serve the people of El Paso County.”

Kenneth E. Seguin, Major of Police (retired)
Dallas Police Department


1. Former Under Secretary & U.S. Ambassador Endorses Mike 9/5/17

Francis X. Taylor

Francis X. Taylor

“Mike Angley gets my strongest endorsement for Sheriff of El Paso County. I’ve known him for over 25 years and you cannot get a finer candidate than Mike. He’s a top-notch law enforcement executive, a superb leader, and he’s as honest and genuine as they come. His service to our Nation daily reflected the core values of our Air Force: Integrity, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all that we do. These values are his hallmark. Mike is exactly who the citizens of El Paso County need to lead the Sheriff’s Office in a new direction.”

Francis X. Taylor, BGen, USAF (Ret)
Former Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security
Former U.S. Ambassador for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State
Former Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations