Get Involved!


We greatly appreciate your generosity in helping to fund Mike’s campaign. He cannot get elected as your Sheriff without your support, so any amount you wish to contribute would be welcomed.

If you prefer to mail a check or money order, please download and fill out a Contribution Form and mail it to the campaign. Or, you can send a check directly to the campaign (please ensure your name and mailing address appear on the payment method):

Committee to Elect Mike Angley
P.O. Box 63341
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-3341

(Make checks payable to: ‘Committee to Elect Mike Angley’)

(Note: While he appreciates the interest, Mike requests members of the EPSO to NOT donate to his campaign. He wants to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.)


Want to volunteer instead (or in addition to making a donation)? We welcome campaign workers who want to help our Grassroots, ‘Get-Out-The-Vote’ drives. We will need people to place signs, stuff envelopes, make phone calls and other activities. Please drop us an email to let us know you are interested and we’ll be in touch. Contact the Campaign Here: